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The Gazette Agrees: Independent Councillors Work for Us

I was overjoyed to read today the Montreal Gazette is a strong supporter of independent candidates for City Council. They advance many of the points my campaign has been driven by. Most importantly, a vocal non-partisan presence is essential to good governance. I strongly encourage everyone to read the article, and keep its message in mind when heading to the polls this Sunday, November 1st.

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Why Vote for an Independent Candidate

One party leader is plagued with scandals, the other with too much old baggage, and the third still wonders whether we landed on the moon or not (perhaps he should talk to Guy Laliberté). No wonder people are less than excited about this election.

Just the other day I had the pleasure of speaking with one of my favorite political commentators, Michel C. Auger. He expressed his opinion, shared by many, that “none of the above” seems to be the most appealing choice for mayor.

As an independent candidate, I think “non-partisan” is a far better choice for anyone considering “none of the above”.

Given the next mayor will be “one of the above”, the presence of an independent voice at City Hall is a must. We need to keep those who would pander to their party before helping their constituents in check. These checks and balances are basic principles in keeping leaders accountable.

As independent city councilor it is easier to take the city’s administration to task, to ask the tough questions, and to demand the answers. Internal partisan politics discourages these practices to the detriment of the district and makes it difficult to tackle strictly local needs.

None of the mayoral candidates can address hot button issues, like supervised injection sites. Yet on the Plateau, where intravenous drug use is rampant, it is a major concern.

Partisanship creates the cracks through which our less fortunate citizens tend to fall, but a vote for me as city councilor is a vote to fill those gaps with sound social policies.

Keep that in mind on November 1st.

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Public Urinals Make a Splash

There has been an outpouring of support for our Public Urinals proposal. Here are some links illustrating our “Number One” issue:


The Axixa is popular in Barcelona

...while the Kros provides 4-way acccessability

The Kros offers 4-way access

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