My Platform

The political-party machines are so preoccupied with their own internal problems, they have forgotten our neighborhood concerns here in the Jeanne-Mance District. As your local, independent candidate for City Councilor, I am bringing the following issues to the fore:

• More Efficient Use of Police Resources: Our neighborhood has seen a rash of shootings and property destruction. By shifting police priorities away from petty drug possession to Focus on the Criminals who Threaten our Security, we can all live more safely. I will work with police to provide the support they need to do the job we need them to do.

• A Proven Way to Ameliorate the Drug Problem: Intravenous drug-users on the street create a nuisance for police and residents, leave dirty syringes in public, and have difficulty accessing social services which could help them quit. In Vancouver and cities around the world, health officials have established Supervised Injection Centres where addicts can manage their problem in a controlled environment and get the help they need to overcome addiction. Scientific studies have confirmed these sites reduce property crime, drug litter, the spread of diseases like Hepatitis and HIV, the consumption of intravenous drugs and their overall economic and social harm. I will work to open a Supervised Injection Centre here in Montreal, getting addicts off our streets and into counseling.

• Game Over for Grand Theft Bicycle: In Montreal, many bicycle thieves are part of a well organized criminal system which steals bikes and rearranges their parts to make them untraceable before selling them back to the community. Fortunately, in Toronto last summer a Police Task-Force successfully infiltrated and broke up a similar organization, seizing thousands of stolen bikes and arresting those responsible. I will work to establish a Police Task-Force to crack down on these parasites here in Montreal.

• A Sustainable Community: The well-being of our neighborhood depends on the creative energies of its artists and entrepreneurs. For the duration of the election, my Campaign Headquarters (4135 St-Laurent) has been transformed into a Public Art Gallery, featuring the work of local artists. I also endorse Socially Responsible Enterprises which give back to the community. I will work to create Public Spaces for Local Artists and champion the cause of Social Entrepreneurialism in City Council.

• When Nature Calls, We Have the Answer: Our neighborhood’s bars and clubs are very important to the local culture and economy. Unfortunately, when the customers leave for the night, they aren’t always considerate of the people who live here. Public Urinals would make our community much cleaner, and reduce public sanitation costs. I will work to get Public Urinals installed where nightlife crowds gather.

• Local Solutions to Global Warming: We all know how important it is to reduce pollution. One of the best, easiest, and most cost-effective ways to do so is with Green Roofs. They make our city more beautiful, improve local air quality, absorb green-house gasses, provide insulation, and reduce stress on the city drainage system when it rains. I will work to increase funding and engineering resources for Green Roof projects in our district.

• Sharing the Road Safely: Bikes are a great alternative to cars for transportation. But when cars and bikes must compete for space on the road, everyone loses. Bike Paths make life safer and easier for bicyclists and motorists, improving the flow of traffic and preventing accidents. I will work to improve the safety of Bike Paths in our neighborhood.